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A small family business established in 2019, we pride ourselves on the quality and health of our basil plants. Our belief that consumption of all natural foods is the basis of a healthy body and mind, we only grow and sell basil plants that are as natural and organic as possible. We don't use any kind of pest or weedkillers or anything else. Our basil plants are 100% organically grown as nature intended. The land we grow our plants on is not 'farmed', our soil retains its natural harmony, composition and nutrients, which we believe is essential to maximise the benefits of our basil plants. Our basil benefits from complimentary plants we grow amongst and nearby our basil. When shipping our plants we take great care to try and make sure our basil plants arrive in healthy condition, any problems please let us know! When our basil stocks run out for the year that's it until next year, so make sure buy while you can!
All the pictures on this website are of our own basil plants grown securely on our own land here in Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire, UK.



Basil is renowned the world over for its many benefits and is one of the oldest herbs known to humankind. Basil is known to be good for: Digestion, Nervous system, Treating Headaches and insomnia. Basil also contains powerful essential oils including eugenol, citronellol and linalool which are anti-inflammatory and may help lower the risk of heart-disease, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel conditions. Anti-oxidants orientin and viceninare in Basil can fight free radical activity by protecting cellular structure DNA which can also help delay the effects of skin ageing. Basils essential oils may also help the health of the mind by stimulating neurotransmitters that regulate hormones linked to happiness and energy, boosting immune strength and reducing stress. All this and so much more, we recommend doing a little research into the benefits of Basil yourself.



- Holy Basil Plants, grown 100% organically without the use of any weedkiller or other pesticides, just as nature intended -

Are you a michelin star restaurant looking for organically grown Holy Basil? Contact us via the email below or send us a message on facebook. We do not supply large quantities but we assure you that our stringent policy of organically grown basil (fresh and/or dried) will tick the box.